Protocol, Anyone?

I hate it when I communicate with people outside the office and then they suddenly call or text my boss to reply. I mean after a few weeks of exchanges of emails, i don’t quite get why some (especially the old ones) don’t seem to understand that in an office, a protocol is at place. […]

October – Halloween

Today is the eve of Halloween. My sisters and I are going to our hometown tonight to be with our father. It’s such a shame that so many things are happening to me and yet I am not able to accomplish one goal – at least one blog post. I dunno, maybe it’s because my […]

August High

If my whole year is a novel, then August is certainly the climax. Every week of it has just been so much eventful. I spent the very first week of August up north in Ilocos Norte. I traveled to see the Paoay Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and various tourists spots. I was also […]

Sunday at the Office

I am at the office today even though it’s Sunday. The thing is, I am heading North today and I’ll be away for a whole week. I though I might as well come by to make sure that the papers I left on my boss’ desk is still there. The whole office is undergoing a […]

Busy as a Bee

July and August has got to be the busiest months for our agency. This July, I actually manned our booth in the National Science and Technology Week. Next week, I am going to Ilocos Norte to man our booth for the regional exhibition of the event. A week after that, I have to attend another […]

Vagina in the office

Although, I am a Registered Nurse. Fate did not allow me to work in a hospital or any place where I can utilize the clinical knowledge and skills I learned in my four grueling years in college, and instead, I am now working as writer. Although I spend more time now in front of a […]