Turning Things Around

The month of June is the month I consciously decided to change for the better.

I remember when I was in college. I was gloomy on my second year, having realized the past school year that I made the worst decision for my life when I took up BS in Nursing as my undergraduate degree.

At my most depressed time, my professor told the whole class that if we are not happy with our decision, we just have to consciously try to be.

She was talking to the whole class, but that time, I felt like she was talking to me.

I decided to be happy. And I, genuinely felt happy for the rest of my college days.

The last week of May has been an eye opener for me. It wsas difficult to imagine having been fired from the work I waited for four long years to come. So I made the conscious decision to do my best.

I started attending a computer programming course. I enrolled to a French Language tutorial, although we have not yet started with our class. The best thing is, I was able to double my work output.

My boss is still the same, an old hag. But at least I am able to get back.

When I was in college my personal blog has contributed a lot on how I cope with the stresses and unhappiness of my decision to take up nursing. Now, I decided to create a professional blog that will be my professional portfolio and I am really excited!


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