Scared to take the next steps

It’s true, we can never be satisfied with what we have.

If you ask me about myself, one of the things that I will probably say is that I am very easy to please. But recently, I have seen myself wanting and greatly unsatisfied with how things are going on with my life.

Two years ago, all I wanted was just to get a job. I took a wrong choice of course in college, and after graduating last 2008, it took me four years to finally land a real job.

January of 2011, after years of failure to find a decent job and working online,  I finally told myself that I have surrendered looking for a job and aiming for the sky. I thought, probably I would just eke out a life as an online writer for anonymous bosses online FOREVER. I’d talk to my classmates from college and most of them have had the same feeling. But God must have pity me so much, I got a call from my current job and was interviewed and consequently hired.

By no means I am qualified at all. My education would have gotten me a job in the hospital, I am a Registered Nurse, But now I am working in an office under a really competent and amazing government agency.

However, as I immersed myself with coworkers who have amazing education to boast – chemists, sociologists, biochemists, biologists, library and information scientists, nurses with Masters Degree in Epidemiology, and a boss with 500-page resume, I started to think what the next step for me.

I was never a bright student in college. I graduated with barely a passing mark. I never had an amazing trail of work experience. I want to continue my education. I want to change my life. But I do not know how to start. I know I can choose another degree if I want to, but I am scared.

I am scared that I may not be good enough.


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