October – Halloween

Today is the eve of Halloween. My sisters and I are going to our hometown tonight to be with our father.

It’s such a shame that so many things are happening to me and yet I am not able to accomplish one goal – at least one blog post. I dunno, maybe it’s because my workload is too heavy or probably because no one really reads my blog the way my old blog garnered so many readers.

I was suppose to go to Dumaguete City and also Gen. Santos city, but to my dismay, my boss has opted to send only one person. Although I was really disappointed, I believe that the decision was actually good for me. The last time I left for a whole week, i came back to a ton-worth of work. The worse thing was my boss insisted that I should have finished some of my tasks even if I was away, which was really unreasonable. I mean, how am I suppose to attend any meeting if I’m 8 hours away from the office? Right now, I am part of two committees in two  different events. I attend meetings everyday so I am really glad that I was not able to join my officemate in his adventures out of town.


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