August High

If my whole year is a novel, then August is certainly the climax. Every week of it has just been so much eventful.

I spent the very first week of August up north in Ilocos Norte. I traveled to see the Paoay Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and various tourists spots. I was also able to meet a possible relative. My grandfather was from Batac Ilocos Norte and I met a girl who has the same surname as I was. When we talked, it turned out that we have the same family history. Her family is known as a Chinese clan, so if we really are blood related, then that explains why my father has a fair skin and has a set of two chinky eyes.

The week after, I was welcomed with a ton of workload. The most important, undoubtedly, is the national competition for health researches. I was paired with my officemate to work as the focal person for the event. The weather has not been very good. There wasn’t any typhoon but the monsoon rain is heavy enough to flood Metro Manila underwater. Despite the cancellations, we were able to push through with the event. And I believe I did a great job. 🙂

The third week proved to be a lot more relaxed as there was a two day long holiday.

This week, I had my birthday. In fact yesterday was my birthday.

Other things that have been really awesome this month is that I feel like my responsibility at work is growing. I am now the chairman for the documentation committee for an international conference this September. Yes the documentation committee has probably the smallest and most boring job of all, but learning that my boss trust me feels good. It is after all an international event where foreign delegates are coming. I am also working now as a focal person for another national event. The event is multi-agencies so we are working with other government institutions and universities. The event will be happening for seven months so its really cool.


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