Surprises at the Temporary Residence

While knowing that we would be staying in a dorm-like hostel within the university and actually hoping for the worst, I never thought that my expectations was a lot more hospitable than what was to come. I and an office mate traveled here up North for a week-long event.

We left Manila on a stormy day, that’s why even though the plane ride took only one hour, it was a lot grueling. All I wanted, as we dropped to ground, was to find  the hostel and sleep.   We’ve decided to eat first en route to the hostel with the other participants in the event whom we met in the bus that fetched us from the airport. After having eaten our dinner , the bus took us to the hostel which is not very far from the restaurant.

We were greeted by the guard. The guard was also to act as hotel receptionist. He check s who’s coming and tells everyone where they are going to sleep. We were expected, so rooms should be cleaned and made up in advance for us.

The guard brought out a huge list of names and our corresponding rooms of their guests. He asked for my name and then pointed out to a row of names with a few doodles on it. I looked at the paper closely and I saw our names crossed out from the list. Names were written all over that area of the paper. Clearly, earlier participants had been choosing in which room to sleep. An arrow was written beside our name pointing to the next row of the list, meaning from room 3, somebody thought we would thrive better in room 4.

When we knocked at Room 4, we were astounded to discover that only one bed was left for us, meaning we had to share. We hurriedly talked to the guard to sort things up, but it appeared that all the men in Room 4 were the original occupants listed in his list. This means that the problem is in Room 3.

Someone from Room 4 left and went to Room 3, so there should still be one bed left unoccupied in room 3 and either of us can sleep in either room separately – or so we thought. However, when we checked at Room 3, we were surprised that all of the beds were completely occupied. The guard said the group must have snuck someone in the room because no matter how many times the original bedspacers change their room or beds in Room 3 and 4, there still should be two beds left for s.

I felt that the best way to solve the problem was to find another room. I don’t exactly want to cross the occupants in Room 3 by having their friend, who is close enough to them to sneak him in, evicted.

The guard sent us to room 27.

The room wasn’t as big as the first rooms. There wasn’t any air-conditioner and the beds were double deckers. However, there is only one occupant and he seemed like the silent type. I was happy… for a while until I decided to take a shower before sleep.

While I thought the problem with our rooms was the last thing we had to think about, I was wrong. The bathroom provided the worst shock of the day.

The boys bathroom in our floor is dilapidated. All the toilet bowls don’t flush and the shower area were grimy and stained with orange color of urine on the floor and filled with cobwebs and tiny spiders at the showerhead. The tiles were covered with muddy footprints. To make things worse, the doors in each cubicle don’t lock. I took a shower anyhow and felt like maybe whatever misfortune has befell on us, the cold water can take them away. I was wrong.

Initially, the water was soothing. It was raining and the wind was cold, but the water was exceptionally warm. I was enjoying the shower. But when I rubbed my face, I felt granules of sands slowly flowing down my cheeks. I checked the flooded floor and saw that sediments have already accumulated under my feet. I looked at the shower and sure enough sands are escaping from its tiny pores. I tried to rinse myself, but the more water that touched my body, the more sand I got. I hurriedly wiped patted myself dry with my towel and went to our room hoping that this has been the last of all the surprises in the hotel.


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