Looking for a replacement for my lost Nokia X2-03

Call me unsophisticated, but more than anything else, I want a touch and type kind of phone. My last phone was Nokia X2-03 and was probably the best phone I ever had. It combines the cool features you’ll find in touchscreen phones, but still allow you to type messages with ease through its keypad.

I know many people would gladly pick smart phones over touch and type phones, but not me.  My life is not that complicated for me to  actually need a phone that does everything that my computer does. All I need was phone that I can use to call and text, and listen to FM radio occasionally. Nokia X2-03 fits the bill. Plus it’s very cheap.

The thing is, I lost my phone last week. I was initially thinking of buying another Nokia X2-03, but then an officemate told me that losing or breaking a phone is the chance for anyone to let go and find a better phone. While I felt that my old phone was the perfect phone for me, I admit my officemate’s opinion had me thinking.

I really don’t like using smart phones because they are way too cluttered with applications and I always find it difficult to type on the screen. Yes, you can always use the haptic feature of a smart phone so you’ll feel every single press you make on the screen, but at the end of the day, it’s still a lot more complicated with touch and type kind of phones.

On the other hand, I do sometimes feel envious with the sleek designs of many smart phones out there. In fact, I recently eyed the HTC One V and I thought it was pretty cool. So my dilemma, what should I do?

Should I stick with the touch and type, or is it time for me to try a new phone. I am not a gadget geek, but something pulls me toward the HTC One V. Right now I can’t really decide.


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