A day to definitely forget

Try not to accumulate too much stress; face Life’s problems once at a time.

Sometimes I am astounded by how accurate my horoscope defines my day or week.

There are mornings when you wake up and you know that the day up ahead of you brings something to look forward to. Your heart is smiling and there is certainly a noticeable lightness from deep within you. Today was the total opposite.

Last night, as it was my mother’s death anniversary, I decided to meet up with my sister to go to church. We hang out first inside a mall nearby to refresh and eat dinner. Little did I know that my officemates were lurking nearby. Sure enough they took a photo of us aqnd circulated it around Facebook.

It was surreal having to discover this morning that the whole night my officemates were gossiping about me. The news about me and the “mystery girl” I was with last night was the first thing to welcome. What the heck!?


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